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PREP COVID-19 Policy

The following rules will be put in place for the PREP 2020-21 Fall Season:

  1. If a player is exhibiting any COVID-19 related symptoms, they should not attend any PREP activities until the symptoms are gone.

  2. All players and coaches will have their body temperature checked when arriving for practices or games. Any player with a temperature over 100.0℉ will not be allowed to practice and must leave the rink.

  3. If a player or any member of a player’s household tests positive for COVID-19:

    1. The player must not participate in any PREP activities for 14 days AND

    2. The player must have a negative COVID-19 test before returning OR

    3. The player meets all requirements as defined by the CDC here:

    4. The player/player’s family must notify PREP of the positive test

    5. PREP will notify the families of the players team that a teammate or family member has tested positive

    6. PREP will notify the rink that one of our players has tested positive

    7. Teammates should carefully be observed for for any COVID-19 related symptoms for 5-7 days

    8. If any teammates have family members who are at increased risk for severe illness or other health concerns at home, they do not have to attend practice or games and will not risk losing their position or playing time

  4. Any player that travels to a CDC “hotspot”, as defined in the Suburban Cook County Travel Quarantine List must not return to PREP activities for 14 days after they return home